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Bamboo on the Internet for October – my picks

Photo credit: WoodTV.com

This stunning sculpture kicks off the October bamboo on the Internet list. It’s made from bamboo and string. More photos at the artists Facebook page.


Bamboo gets very personal with these products:

Furniture (or art?)

This beautiful bamboo chair is named flow. It was created at Scope design studio in Taiwan. I’m glad I don’t have to clean it though. Follow the link to see the more practical set of nesting stools, (not made from bamboo) and more.

Mac accessories

Photo credit: Grovemade.com

Photo credit: Grovemade.com

I’m almost tempted to ditch Android for Mac just to make use of the range of bamboo accessories available. Two came to my attention this month: a roll-top iPad cover and a wonderfully minimalist docking station for an iPhone. These would go well with Bamboola’s bamboo iPhone cover.

Art installation

Wang Wen-Chih’s “The Light of Shodoshima"

Wang Wen-Chih’s “The Light of Shodoshima”

If you’re lucky enough to get to the Woodford Folk Festival this year, you’ll be able to enter the amphitheatre through a 300 metre woven bamboo tunnel. The tunnel is this years special project. In collaboration with Cave Urban, it will be created by Taiwanese sculptor Wang Wen–Chih and team of volunteers. See more of Wang Wen-Chih’s work here. His installation, The Light of Shodoshima, pictured, is one of the many outdoor installations for this years Setouchi Triennale.

Sustainable outdoor cooking fuel

Bamboo charcoal for your barbecue? A start-up in the US is nearly ready to tap into the more than 80 percent of US households that own a barbecue grill. Hot Bambu is one of many Kickstarter projects. Have a look at the table below to see why you should be using bamboo charcoal.


HOT Bambú
Lump Charcoal
Wood Lump
Contains 100% natural bamboo charcoal
Sustainable grilling from a rapidly renewable resource
Does not contribute to deforestation
Processed in a respectful and environmentally friendly way
Burns clean with little smoke
Contains trees cut from primary forest, plywood, pine (soft wood), and treated flooring scraps
Contributes to illegal logging and green house gas emissions
Creates mass soil erosion and devastation of natural habitat
x Contains ignite coal and sulfur, sodium nitrate (gun powder), limestone, starch, borax (fertilizer), charred sawdust, and toxic solvents that are confirmed to cause kidney and brain damage
x Gives food the taste of fossil fuel


Bamboo card holder

Bamboo card holder

Bamboo card holder

Special preview: a new item for my Etsy shop: a bamboo card holder and display.

It looks to be simplicity itself, but, as with most things handmade, producing the finished product is a little more involved.

First the bamboo is cut from the clump. Bamboo of a suitable age is usually covered in lichens and dust and needs washing to reveal its true nature – useful, damaged, beautiful, interesting… whatever it may be.  Some of the bamboo culms (stems) are discarded at this stage.

Storing and curing the culms

Part of my area for curing and storage

The green, freshly cut bamboo is not suitable to make things at this stage for two main reasons. The bamboo shrinks as it dries and without adequate curing is very prone to insect infestation. Therefore, the bamboo needs curing and storing in a dry airy place. This takes months. Then the bamboo is ready to make something with.

Once I have some culms ready to work with, decisions are made about what to make. The diameter of the culm and thickness of the wall are considered, as is the general look of the bamboo.

Bamboo card holder

Bamboo card holder

Much experimentation goes into the very simple-looking functional items that I make, and many prototypes are produced. Once an item is made it then undergoes a finishing process with numerous grades of sanding paper.

Once I’m happy with a new item, I make a few of them. Then they are priced, photographed and described, before posting on Etsy. And that’s where I’m at with the new card holder and display. It shall appear on Etsy soon.